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Our Team – College – L'ecole


  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan Chemistry

    A  graduate from England with over six years of industrial and teaching experience, Mr. Salman Khan is known for the compassion with which he teaches and has a reputation for incorporating and encouraging intellectual and social development in students. Mr. Salman is a highly resourceful teacher who works around the ideology of empowering students through knowledge and instilling in them the skills to identify their prowess.

  • Nadia Ismail
    Nadia Ismail Academic Counselor

    Nadia Ismail is  a graduate of Abu Dhabi University (ADU ) with an udergraduate degree in Public Relations & Communication and a declared minor in English Literature. She has been working for the past 5 years as a GMAT |  GRE | SAT | IBA Aptitude Test Verbal Skills Instructor. Nadia is currently serving L’ecole as English Foundation instructor for A Levels as well as Academic Counselor.

  • Scheherezade Junejo
    Scheherezade Junejo Art and Design

    Ms. Scheherezade is a self-motivated performing artist and painter, seeking to expand the horizon of what is considered “Traditional Art” while adhering to the traditional techniques and aesthetics. A skilled communicator, persuasive, and adaptable, with a strong sense of a visual representation of concepts, Ms Scheherezade has studied all forms of Dramatic and Fine Arts. She is also an avid critic, attempting to create bridges between thought and skill i.e mind and hand.

  • Ms. Uzma​ Jawad​
    Ms. Uzma​ Jawad​ Law

    A innate thinker and a keen observer of human behaviour, cultural evolution and societal development with her vast travel experiences manifesting a diverse variety of persons and lifestyles coupled with the study of English Law, Ms Uzma has a fine understanding and knowledge of her subject. A naturalist who believes in working hard, an educationalist with firm belief in provision of education to be the only way up, her sense of discipline and dedication sets a supreme example for our students. Demanding high standards of work, she helps students rise above average grades by harnessing their inner potential whilst her extensive awareness enriched their minds enabling them to think beyond the set syllabus.

  • Dr. Zahra​ A Razzaq​
    Dr. Zahra​ A Razzaq​ Biology

    With 18 years of experience as a subject specialist for Biology, Dr. Zahra is a prominent and valued member at Saint Patrick, Southshore and Roots International. Her profound knowledge in teaching theory and conducting practical experiments have earned her the reputation of an extremely versatile and sought after instructor among her students. Dr. Zahra has also been honored with the ‘High Achievers Award’ twice in the Cambridge Examinations.

  • Syed ​ Khurram Rizvi
    Syed ​ Khurram Rizvi Business

    Mr. Khurram Rizvi is a proficient and prominent teacher with Sociology, Business and Media Studies being his areas of expertise. With ample experience in both O Levels and A Levels at Beacon House and Foundation School, he has achieved an excellent command over the subjects, which guarantees a smooth pace for his progressing students. His classes are extremely organized and his methodology makes even the most difficult contents easy to understand.

  • Adeel Zafar ​Soomro​
    Adeel Zafar ​Soomro​ Computer Science

    A prominent faculty member at The C.A.S School and Bayview Academy, Mr. Adeel has accumulated 17 years of experience in the field of technology, and stands out as an educationist. His profound knowledge and versatility have made him one of the best teachers with his students achieving remarkable grades in the Cambridge Examinations.

  • Sabah Hameed
    Sabah Hameed Economics

    With a Masters in Econometrics and Finance from Queen Mary University of London, Ms. Sabah Hameed is our subject specialist for Economics. She started her teaching career in 2012 as a Microeconomics Lecturer for the University of London International Programmes. Since then, she has expanded her teaching portfolio to teaching Econometrics at Bay View College University of London International Programmes and at Beacon House School System.

  • Taimoor Malik
    Taimoor Malik Accounting

    Mr. Taimoor Malik has been a teacher for the last eight years. His area of expertise is accounting at the O/A Level and the ACCA level. At A Level, Mr. Taimoor is renowned for being able to motivate, mobilize, and coach his students to achieve the highest academic levels possible. His key strengths are accounting knowledge, student counseling and global business affairs. In addition to his record as a professional teacher, which speaks for itself, he is a sociable person who has a natural ability of talking to and building relationships with all kinds of people.

  • Zeeshan Warsi
    Zeeshan Warsi Physics

    Zeeshan is a graduate of the Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi with a BSc in Mathematics and MSc in Applied Mathematics with specialisation in modern electrodynamics.He has over 14 years of formal teaching experience that started with the Lyceum school and now continues with Nixor college, Beaconhouse and L’ecole. Zeeshan has been very fortunate that many of his students have received excellent grades and are now studying in world’s top universities such as Oxford, MIT, Waterloo and McGill.

  • Sana Ahmed
    Sana Ahmed Business

    An insatiable reader, a struggling writer, an unyielding seeker, and most importantly a lifelong learner. Ms. Sana is a valued faculty at Beacon House College Campus Defense (BCCD) and Beacon House PECHS. She believes in empathy, sincerity, accountability and pursuit of excellence from herself and all the students. Each academic year is an expedition that she collectively experiences with her enthusiastic students.

  • Pernia Chowdhury
    Pernia Chowdhury Sociology

    Lively in attitude, firm in values, precision in her work. Pernia started her journey at the age of 19 and now has 07 years Cambridge teaching experience. She holds MS degree in social Sciences from IBA after completing her bachelors in Business administration. She is a prominent faculty  Indus Academy and Beacon House College Campus Defense (BCCD).  She takes teaching as sacred, therefore while teaching she is always concerned about her student’s overall development.

  • Steven Lobo
    Steven Lobo Mathematics

    Steven has a Master’s Degree from IBA Karachi where he majored in Finance and was a Bronze Medalist, his bachelor’s is in Electronics from NED University of Engineering and Technology. He completed his A and O levels from St Patrick’s High School and St. Paul’s English High School respectively. He is a valued faculty at The C.A.S School, Indus Academy and  Beacon House College Campus Defense (BCCD).  Having been an O level teacher for Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics for the last 10 years.

  • Kiran Asad Javed
    Kiran Asad Javed Economics

    Kiran Asad Javed has been a teacher of Economics since 17 years. In the past she has taught BSc. UOL Programme at Lecole and IB DP Economics at The International School. Currently she teaches A Level Economics at Nixor College and has rejoined as part of our faculty at Lecole for A Levels. Being passionate about giving back to society, she is also a School Director at BPW Quality School (an underprivileged school in Azam Town).

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