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Elective Subjects – College – L'ecole

Elective Subjects

Why Take Electives?

A well-rounded education is defined by more than just the standard core subjects a student is expected to learn. That feeling most of us get when narrowing ourselves down to maths, business and economics is not uncommon. It’s completely okay to not know what direction you want your career to go at the young age of 16 or 17. We like to keep our options open, without compromise on the status quo.

At L’ecole, students get to choose from a series of elective courses in which they learn about topics and subjects that are of particular interest to them. While the outcome of these courses go on your report card, the grading is simply pass/fail. Using project-based learning and formative assessment strategies, students learn skills that existing A-Level subjects fall short of teaching.

Project-based Learning

A dynamic method of learning, project-based learning makes students enquire about a topic using investigative techniques. Imagine being in a classroom where we talk about the implications of 3-D printing of human organs and then going out on the web to find out there are plenty of organizations inches away from a working prototype. This type of learning helps students become collaborators, leaders and critical thinkers.

Formative Assessments

Formative assessments allow students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve their learning process. This methodology of assessments is perfect for elective classes at L’ecole because the assessments are short, require little or no preparation and are mostly taken in class. Examples of formative assessments could be to create a mind-map, draft a response to a critical question or take a short 5 minute quiz.

Importance of a Well Rounded Education

Technology Elective Topic: American Innovation

Electives Offered

  1. Travel and Tourism
  2. Design and Technology
  3. Photography
  4. Global Perspectives
  5. Media Studies
  6. Wood Crafting & Design
  7. Journalism
  8. Philanthrophy

Let’s start building your future with us.